Protecting Global Gains

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COVID-19 threatens to reverse decades of health and economic progress in communities around the world. Experts project that the added health burden of COVID-19, on top of the social and economic impacts of lockdowns and supply chain interruptions, could cost millions of lives.

But these dire consequences are not inevitable. We can already see that communities and countries with flexible, resilient health systems, and an inclination toward innovation, are weathering the storm better than others. There are important lessons to be learned from their experience that can inform both the COVID-19 response and future programming.

Protecting Global Gains is a partnership of concerned advocates dedicated to sharing the innovative approaches that are helping communities combat COVID-19 without losing ground in other areas. The stories and tools provided here are intended to support program implementers looking for practical solutions, arm advocates with the data and anecdotal evidence they need for effective advocacy, and inspire a new approach to building systems that are flexible, resilient, and centered on people’s context-specific needs.